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Game Design

Implement best-in–class game concepts, features, and game loops

Game Economy Modeling

Architect and balance in-game economies that support longevity

Improve Retention & Monetization

Unlock business value and improve KPIs via data-driven insights and best practices.

Product Optimization & Strategy

Plan, optimize, and scale your roadmap via A/B testing and detailed analysis

Live Analysis & Product Support

Ongoing analysis, feedback, and support of product features and implementation

Blockchain, Tokenomics, and NFT's

Integrate the power of ownership, provenance, and increased player trust to generate new engagement and revenue.

We Love to Build games

About Us

Mission Statement:

We aim to serve the next generation of gaming companies with an innovative eye on economy, design, and retention.

We’re obsessed with games and products. We’re gaming and web3 consultants with over 20+ years of experience that partner with AAA, F2P, and web3 companies to help scale and grow their products.

Success Stories

Client A implemented a feature that was seeing WoW user growth in the double digits. They were unsure of how to scale and grow their feature - we partnered with them and implemented a test plan that helped drive a 50%+ lift in WAU.

Client A*

Series A Stage

Client B needed help vetting game concepts and refining their game design. We partnered with them to implement a best-in-class onboarding system that improved their retention by over 40%+.

Client B*

Series A Stage

Client C was a partner that had little to no gaming development experience, and was looking to build and scale a game. We helped create their game concept, led their development process, and created their in-game economy from scratch.

Client C*

Seed Stage

*Clients are anonymized for confidentiality