10 Best Mobile Crypto Games

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In the most recent years, cryptocurrency has seen significant growth, developing into an entirely new asset class in the process. There are a plethora of different opportunities to invest in or spend cryptocurrency, starting with the pioneering bitcoin and expanding to include other tokens and currencies that have since arisen. But if there is one industry that has flourished in 2021 and 2022, it is the gaming industry. The best mobile crypto games now incorporate a variety of different cryptocurrencies into their gameplay.

Despite the surge in popularity, the generation of cryptocurrency might often be more restricted. Blockchain games and crypto games could be excellent options for you if you’re seeking for an alternative method to acquire some cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In contrast to crypto gambling, in which players must risk their cryptocurrency, the finest play-to-earn games award players with crypto simply for participating in the game. There are several available, but just a select few stand out as games that are worthwhile to play.

Can you make money playing mobile crypto games?

Is it possible to earn money by playing mobile crypto games? By playing cryptocurrency games, you can earn money doing so. The play2earn model allows players to earn in-game currencies for their actions, and these currencies may then be exchanged for real-world currency.

The quantity of cryptocurrency you will be able to acquire through gaming will be proportional to the length of time spent playing a certain game as well as the specific earning mechanisms implemented by that game. There are going to be some games that are more liberal with their rewards, while there are also going to be some games that are less rewarding to play.

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Even if a crypto game has a profitable beginning for the player, that could change in the future if the developers are unable to keep up with the demand economically. This is a risk that comes with any form of gambling.

Are there any free crypto games?

Is it possible to play crypto games for free? The vast majority of crypto games can be played without cost. Although players will not be required to make an initial financial investment to begin playing these games, they may be required to acquire some in-game elements, such as NFTs, to unlock additional game content.

What are the best mobile crypto games?

Which mobile crypto games are the most fun to play? There are already several similarities between the game industry and the cryptocurrency industry. From games developing their cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrency exchanges investing in esports or gaming to even cryptocurrency gambling on esports, the digital currency industry is expanding rapidly.

Both fields are deeply intertwined with one another, even in the most specialized of niches. These days, obtaining cryptocurrency can also be accomplished through the usage of games. There is a plethora of bitcoin and blockchain-based games available on the market today.

On the other hand, differentiating between those that are legitimate and those that are not might be a challenge. These are currently the best mobile crypto games available on the market.

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These are the games in which you may have faith that you will genuinely obtain cryptocurrency, and which will provide a satisfactory return on the time you invest playing the game:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is by far the most well-known cryptocurrency game currently available. The Ethereum blockchain is utilized in the game, and there are some parallels between that and the Pokémon universe.

In Axie Infinity, players will have the opportunity to breed a variety of distinct virtual pets. Because each pet has its own unique set of abilities and weaknesses, it can be a great struggle to create the ideal Axie for your character. Players have the option of breeding their own Axies to obtain the best specimen, but they also have the option of purchasing the Axies they want from the game’s marketplace.

Each Axie functions as an NFT, and players can acquire AXS coins, the game’s native money, by achieving a variety of different goals in the game. On cryptocurrency exchanges, AXS coins may be bought and sold in exchange for fiat currency.

To begin playing the game on their device, Android users will need to download the APK for Axie Infinity, and iOS users will need to register for the TestFlight beta program. After the game has been installed, a Ronin Wallet must be created before entering the enchanted world of Axie Infinity.


At first glance, STEPN might not appear to be a game; rather, it is a game-like platform that gamifies fitness activities and rewards users with non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies.

STEPN is not a free-to-play game yet it is one of the best mobile crypto games to play. For users to begin their move-to-earn journey, they will first need to purchase digital sneakers from within the app. The footwear is distributed in the game in the form of Solana non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and every pair of shoes will have its unique rarity and statistics.

After you have purchased your shoes, you will be able to activate the GPS on your phone and start walking. You will be rewarded with GST, STEPN’s in-app currency, depending on the length of the workout and the metrics of your shoe. Even while the in-game currency you collect can be exchanged for real money, you will need to make use of them to maintain and improve your footwear.

STEPN can be downloaded on mobile devices running Android and iOS. You will, however, need to have access to a code to make your account. You can locate a code for your account creation on the game’s official Telegram channel or Discord server.


MOBOX, one of the best mobile crypto games, is a central location for the play of minigames, which are powered by NFTs and blockchain technology. The MOBOX system provides benefits to players who are actively participating in the game.

For players to take part in the game’s metaverse, they will be required to acquire a MOBOX avatar. There is a possibility that certain MOBOX minigames will require a specific rarity. The MOBOX ecosystem provides players with a variety of minigames in addition to the ability to stake MBOX, the game’s native money, to gain keys and unlock a variety of goodies.

The following are examples of MOBOX’s minigames:

  • Token Master Momo
  • ChainZ Arena – MOBOX Edition
  • Momo Block Brawler
  • Moland Defense
  • MomoVerse

Android users can download the MOBOX app, while iOS users can only download the Wallet app. This means that iOS users who want to play the game will need to do so on an Android device or a personal computer or laptop.


When it comes to the essence of their games, Axie Infinity and Binemon are rather comparable to one another. In Binemon, users will have the opportunity to breed pets, and these creatures will come in the form of NFTs. These pets can either accompany players on quests or compete against other players in combat.

As players go into the game, they will have the opportunity to acquire a variety of non-faction-specific in-game objects that can be traded to earn one of the game’s three currencies. Since Binemon is based on Binance’s BNB Chain, players can trade their in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for BNB. In addition, it is among the best mobile crypto games to play.

You may play Binemon on a web browser, and it also has a mobile app available for download on Android. For fans interested in playing Binemon on iOS devices, they will first need to register for it on Apple’s Testflight platform.


The trading card game known as Splinterlands takes a set in its original fantasy universe. The gameplay is based on a “play-to-earn” approach, in which players can earn rewards by completing challenges or competing in tournaments.

Splinterlands is a free-to-play game, but to build a deck that can compete with others, you might need to purchase a booster pack or two. When you have a more powerful deck, it will be much simpler for you to complete the daily challenges and compete in tournaments. You can play Splinterlands in a web browser, and it’s also accessible for download on mobile devices running iOS and Android.


CropBytes is a new spin on the familiar Farmville recipe that emphasizes the use of cryptocurrency. In CropBytes, players can construct their farms from the ground up. Players have the opportunity to participate in the economy of the game by buying and selling items using the in-game currency known as CBX.

You will have the opportunity to breed NFT superheroes throughout the course of your journeys in the game, and these characters can be used to increase the overall production of your farm. CropBytes is a free game to download and play, but it offers a far higher number of in-app purchases than the other games on this list.

CropBytes may be downloaded through the App Store on Apple devices as well as the Google Play Store on Android devices.

Crypto Dragons

One of the best mobile crypto games is Crypto Dragons. In Crypto Dragons, players will go on a quest to acquire over 90 distinct dragon species by fusing eggs to create new dragons. As your collection of dragons grows, you will have more opportunities to earn rewards, such as completing daily tasks and traveling to new realms.

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In addition, Crypto Dragons included NFT cards that can be unlocked by players if they have collected enough capsules. Since the in-game currency, LIS, will not be available until the third quarter of 2022, it is not now possible to make money playing Crypto Dragons. This situation will change in the future.

The game Crypto Dragons may be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store.


Skyweaver is a trading card game focused on strategy. The play-to-earn elements are less of a focal point in the game in comparison to the overall gameplay experience. If you want to be able to unlock new awards in Skyweaver, you’ll need to work on getting better at the game and doing well in game modes that reward players for their performance.

Skyweaver primarily applies the NFT concept to the true-ownership aspect of the game. As soon as you’ve crafted at least two decks, you’ll be pitted against other players from all around the world in strategic combat. You’ll be able to interact with other players and trade cards with them, in addition to the game’s central focus on intuitive deck building.

Currently, you can play the game on your personal computer (PC), Android, or iOS.

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is among the best mobile crypto games. Fans of games similar to Clash of Clans might consider playing League of Kingdoms as their go-to cryptocurrency game. Players of this massively multiplayer online strategy game have the opportunity to acquire their very own territory.

After that, you may start constructing an empire on your territory by inviting other people. As long as your kingdom is flourishing, you will have the opportunity to embark on a variety of quests in search of riches that will be stuffed with prizes.

Players who own land in the game receive DAI, which may be thought of as a type of passive income. Landowners are also entitled to a five percent share of any resources that are gathered by other players on their property. The game’s resources can also be traded with one another.

League of Kingdoms may now be played on PC, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Crypto Idle Miner

There are no play-to-earn mechanisms included in the cryptocurrency game Crypto Idle Miner. This Idle game was developed to assist individuals in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of the blockchain ecosystem by providing players with an in-depth look into the world of miners.

In Crypto Idle Miner, you will not only have the opportunity to establish your crypto mining empire but also explore the trade side of the game. At this time, players can access the game on their Android or iOS device.

The use of cryptocurrency in gaming is at the front of an ongoing economic and digital revolution. At Lunar Sky Games, we are a team of gaming product consultants with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. We work in partnership with web3 companies to help them build and grow their products. We help turn your vision into a reality. Contact us now for a consultation.

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