Binemon: How to Play and Earn?

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What is Binemon?

What is Binemon? Binemon is a virtual pet-centered NFT game that features a role-playing game (RPG) premise, and it allows users to gather and trade NFT eggs for earnings while also engaging in battles with other players.

To progress in the game, players are required to cultivate their very own cherished companions, known as “Binemon,” which they may then either train, breed, or sell in the game’s internal market. As the game collectibles as well as the Binemons are all non-fungible tokens or NFTs, players have the ability to assert ownership over both of these types of items.

It is a game that needs players to start with a limited budget because it is a play-to-earn game. For them to access the game’s full content, they will need to have the NFT Binemons. The DRK token is one of the three native tokens that can be earned within the platform metaverse. The Binemon may be obtained by either hatching eggs or purchasing them directly through the marketplace using this token.

Essential components of the Binemon NFT game

Participants in the Binemon NFT game get access to a wide variety of outstanding features. The following are some of the more crucial ones:


Players with limited expertise in player-versus-environment (P2E) games will find this game to be easy to pick up and play. You can quickly accumulate DOGEcoins by engaging in activities such as caring for pets, breeding animals, and engaging in combat with other users.

You will also be able to earn DRK coins if you complete certain in-game missions and turn them in for a reward. After some time has passed, the coins that have been collected might be reinvested to make a greater profit.

Easy to play

You will get a rapid return on your investment if you play the Binemon game. After purchasing eggs, the next step is to wait for them to develop into chicks. After then, you are responsible for tending to your virtual animals so that they can reach a size at which they can be purchased for a substantial sum of money. You will accumulate more DRK coins this way, putting you in a position to purchase new breeds of dragon.

PvE and PvP mode

The Binemon game can be played in one of two different modes. The first mode is called Player versus Environment, it allows you to investigate the plot and experiment with different tactics. The second mode, Player versus Player, is played in real-time and pits one player against another.

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The game’s sponsors and partners may reward you if you achieve a high ranking while competing in the individual rounds. Ambrosias and Epic Items are two additional types of prizes. In either mode, the goal is to defeat the bosses while using the fewest amount of resources as is humanly possible. In addition, players have the opportunity to compete in guild wars, tournaments, and battlefields.

Game stages

The game is divided into five distinct stages, Prometheus, Artemis, Athena, Babylon, and Ares. The completion of each stage may take a period of three months. In addition, for players to advance to subsequent phases, they will need to complete new tasks at the end of each phase.

Ecosystem update

The complete supply of 150 million Binemon tokens was made available in August 2022. This upgrade has a significant impact on the entire ecosystem of the game since it enables members of the community that has gathered around this completely pay-to-play game to trade tokens with one another.

Outstanding graphic design

The game is mesmerizing because it possesses breathtaking high-definition graphics that, once you begin playing it, will blow your mind.

Additional features:

  • There is a website, as well as a mobile version of it.
  • The download is completely free.
  • Compelling characters
  • Unusual and novel types of pets.
  • Easy to pick up and play, making it suitable for novices.
  • The provision of transaction services
  • User-friendly interface
  • The capabilities of cryptocurrency trading

How to play Binemon?

How do you play Binemon? Players need to first obtain the charming Binemon that will fight on their behalf before they can begin to participate in the game. These creatures were classified according to a wide variety of racial, hierarchical, and social categories.

After the players have configured their Binemon squads, they can progress into the PvE game mode and begin the process of amassing rewards and merging monsters to obtain a competitive advantage. The NFT game may be played on mobile devices running Android and iOS by downloading the corresponding app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For players to progress through the game and receive rewards, they will have to engage in a variety of unusual combat. Those players who are addicted to PvE will find that obtaining Ambrosia, one of the most valuable rewards in the game, will require excellent strategy on their part.

Players not only have the opportunity to acquire Ambrosia, but they can also achieve PvO rankings, which can result in additional enticing incentives. Players who have achieved higher ranks will have a better chance of receiving special perks from the game’s many sponsors and partners.

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Eggs, characters, items, and land make up the entirety of Binemon’s inventory of collectibles within the game. They can be traded on the game marketplace as NFTs utilizing DRK coins as the medium of exchange.

How to earn money with Binemon?

How can one make money using the Binemon platform? To get started playing the Binemon game and earning real money, you will first need to configure your digital wallet specifically for this reason. The one that is recommended the most is called MetaMask, but you also have a dozen other options to pick from. Get your wallet onto your computer, and then finish the registration process.

The next step is to register for an account on one of the decentralized sites that support NFT trading, such as Pancake Swap, Binance, or Tokocrypto. After you have completed this step, you should immediately log on to the official website of the game to purchase eggs. On several different NFT marketplaces, it is possible to purchase eggs using Binemons (BIN).

The next step, after you have obtained your eggs through their purchase, is to wait for them to develop into your new pets. You have no way of knowing which of the possible pets will hatch from the egg. Pets that are obtained from the event can be bred together, which results in stronger offspring.

But if you choose this path, you will have to give up one of your pets. You can acquire a BIN token by selling rare pets that you own. The price of the animal is determined by how uncommon and special it is.

Benefits of playing the Binemon NFT game

The elements and specialties of the NFT pets Binemons are the primary focus of this game’s main attraction. Binemons are one-of-a-kind animals since each one has 10 separate bodily parts, all of which can have a varied level of rarity and unique characteristics. The “pool” attribute can be increased by players by hatching or fusing Binemons to get uncommon body parts and stat boosts. This can be done to enhance the “pool” attribute.

Players have a greater probability of success in both PvE and PvP encounters if the Binemon they use is both uncommon and powerful. Its rarity has a considerable impact, as well, on the price tags that are attached to it in the market.

Even though it is still in the early stages of its development, the player-versus-player mode is already quite robust. This includes the tournament mode, which features a high level of competition, as well as the player-versus-player (PvP) combat, which rewards players with DRK and Ambrosia tokens that can be exchanged for epic equipment. Utilizing epic items will assist players in developing stronger characters and increasing their overall power.

In addition to player versus environment and player vs. player combat, there is also a mode known as “Guild War.” This mode allows players to seize control of regions through concerted group efforts. The Castles are a feature in the game’s platform that allows each guild to grow and develop, increasing their chances of attracting the highest-ranked players in the Binemon ecosystem.

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Without homes, the universe of Binemon is missing something essential. Players can begin construction on their own homes in Bineland once they have selected a plot to build on. When it comes to making decorations, there are a wide variety of options, including expensive furnishings and advertisements from businesses. Players indeed have the ability to sell virtual residences and space to other players so that those players can advertise anything they choose.

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