Blocklords: How To Play And Earn?

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Blocklords: How To Play And Earn?

What is Blocklords?

What is Blocklords? Blocklords is a blockchain-based strategy game that allows players to compete with each other for control of a virtual medieval kingdom. Blocklords uses blockchain technology to ensure that all in-game assets are secure and cannot be duplicated or manipulated. This makes the game more transparent and fair for all players and allows players to truly own their virtual assets.

What blockchain is Blocklords on?

What blockchain is Blocklords on? Blocklords is built on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the most popular blockchain platforms for creating decentralized applications and smart contracts. The game uses Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital assets representing in-game items, characters, and resources. The use of blockchain technology, particularly the immutability and transparency of the Ethereum blockchain, allows Blocklords to provide a secure and fair gaming experience for its players, where all in-game assets are verifiably scarce and unique.

Additionally, the Ethereum blockchain also allows for the creation and exchange of NFTs in a peer-to-peer manner without the need for a centralized intermediary or authority. This means that players have full ownership and control over their in-game assets and can transfer or trade them with other players in a trustless and secure manner.

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Blocklords also utilizes Ethereum’s smart contract technology, which allows for the creation of programmable, self-executing contracts that can automate various aspects of the game, such as item trading, reward distribution, and gameplay mechanics. This enhances the transparency and fairness of the game, as all rules and conditions are encoded on the blockchain and can be verified by anyone.

How to play Blocklords?

How to play Blocklords? Blocklords features a player-driven narrative that allows players of different types to play the game as they see fit. Players in this play-to-earn strategy game have the ability to influence the world around them at any level, accumulate experiences, and own their digital assets.

Gamers begin as Farmers and progress through the levels of Knights/Raiders, Lords/Ladies, and Kings/Queens, the highest level in the game. Whether a player wishes to live the life of a King or Queen or just be a plain Farmer, Blocklords offers a variety of experiences as a unique grand strategy game. Gamers can create their own legacy for their heroes and play the game however they wish.

The gameplay of Blocklords includes the following elements:


Blocklords characters are created as heroes, digital assets belonging to the player at the time of creation. Individual stats and qualities distinguish heroes. As a player continues through the game, their hero’s character grows, ultimately choosing their path. A player’s role determines the game options available to them. Their efforts and in-game expertise determine the utility of a player in Blocklords.

Because heroes have a finite lifespan, they must leave a legacy through their ancestors. The Blocklords dynasty feature allows players to pass on their heroes’ unique features and attributes to successors. The function will enable heroes to continue living regardless of their outcome. The game also allows players to trade heroes for desired characters, which adds to the excitement.


To succeed in the Blocklords universe, a consistent supply of resources is required. Farmers secure this supply by performing duties such as gathering, mining, processing, and creating various commodities to make cash. Players who join Blocklords start as Farmer unless they own a character.

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Farmers can settle in a region owned by a Lord or Lady. Lords/Ladies create groups and participate in combat, with the eventual winner becoming King/Queen. As Farmers, players work, harvest, and construct houses on farms. Renting additional Farmers from other players can help, but keep in mind that they also consume food. To give bonuses to a village, the hired hands might be housed in buildings.

Players in farms can earn rewards in a variety of ways. They include animal and livestock management, market trade, and creating better things than others. Collaboration with other gamers allows players to earn greater rewards.


Players who have cultivated enough resources leave their farms to become a Raider or a Knight. Raiders are mercenaries who attack farmers randomly, plunder communities and steal Lords’ resources. They have limited periods for these tasks, but they can win big if the participants play correctly.

Knights are the Lord’s salaried associates. Their mission is to protect farmers and villages while also killing any Raiders they come across. Their bravery against the Raiders earns them a hefty reward and allows them to advance in the ranks. A Knight with sufficient riches may then choose a new role.


Successful players can take on the roles of Lords and Ladies, which come with their own set of functions and responsibilities. Lords and Ladies rule over vast swaths of land. Their activities have a direct impact on the region they control. They collect taxes and resources from farmers, pay Knights’ salaries and awards, and build infrastructure.

Lords and Ladies efficiently employ their resources, such as Knights, Farmers, and Land, to transform cities into thriving hubs of trade and commerce. They must also defend their villages against raiders and other Lords. It is critical for their success to have capable Knights and Farmers. They can make alliances with other Lords and Ladies as well.


Lords and Ladies who conquer the way like no other can advance to the pinnacle position in Blocklords, King or Queen. It is up to the rulers to rule fairly or with an iron fist. The crown controls the currency, trade agreements, armies, and territories. A King or Queen may also initiate or take part in realm-altering battles.

Blocklords’ maps are dynamic and vary with the tides of combat. The choices of a King or Queen have a significant impact on all of their subjects. Because their decisions have the most impact on the cosmos in Blocklords, they must utilize their power carefully. When faced with a dilemma, wise rulers use diplomacy and engage in conflict only when they have no other option.

How to earn on Blocklords?

How do you make money on Blocklords? Blocklords is designed for die-hard gamers looking for a hair-raising experience in a shared environment. Gamers can earn money while having a good time playing Blocklords. In Blocklords, in-game heroes are economic assets, with earnings generated by activities such as fighting bandits, winning battles, aiding allies, farming, and trading.

The game is a player-owned economy that rewards players based on their roles. Heroes who display outstanding leadership abilities and win battles have increased values, which players may quickly convert into earning opportunities.

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Heroes from Blocklords can be purchased from Immutable X. The gameplay of Blocklords allows players to introduce heroes into the game and conduct fights to capture territory. They level up their heroes, transmit the NFTs outside the game, and then sell them on the IMX marketplace, leveraging their playing talents.

Heroes on Blocklords that are tradable nonfungible tokens (NFT) can be sold in any Immutable-X-approved marketplace. Players can initiate battles to conquer their region, level up their heroes, and even sell them on a variety of different marketplaces by employing their heroes (NFTs) in-game.

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