Cloud9: Things You Should Know

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What is Cloud9?

What is Cloud9? After the collapse of Quantic Gaming, the members of that organization’s roster went on to join the esports team known as Cloud9 (C9), which competes in the North American region. C9 is now widely considered to be among the most prominent Esports organizations in the entire world. The company was established in 2013.

C9 has an unrivaled reach, as the organization fields twelve professional teams across eleven different games. As a result, the organization generates more viewer hours than cable networks such as CNN or ESPN. According to Nielson’s research in 2017, C9 was the most well-known esports brand in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of only two organizations in the world to own franchises in the League of Legends LCS and the Overwatch League, Cloud9 is one of those organizations. Founders Fund, Valor, WWE, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, David Sacks, and Joe Montana, an NFL icon, are among C9’s investors.

C9 takes great pride in being the greatest in every category. It hosts championships for the whole industry, offers unparalleled viewership hours, and provides significant reward packages for its players and staff.

Who is the owner of Cloud9?

Who is the owner of Cloud9? Jack Etienne is not only one of the co-founders of the esports organization Cloud9 but also serves as its CEO. Jack Etienne served as the general manager and vice president of sales for Team SoloMid, one of the world’s largest and most popular esports organizations, before co-founding C9 with Paullie Etienne in 2013. During that time, Jack Etienne was also the vice president of sales. In addition to that, he has worked at the news and media website Crunchyroll.

Cloud9 partners

C9 collaborates with different companies, such as:

  • AT&T
  • BMW
  • HyperX
  • Kingston
  • Polygon
  • PUMA
  • Red Bull
  • Secretlab
  • Twitch

Cloud9 fields professional teams 

Below is the list of Cloud9 division teams.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

After acquiring compLexity Gaming’s North American lineup on August 1, 2014, C9 made its debut on the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. It has been alleged that the players left compLexity after receiving higher offers from Cloud9 before they were to extend their contracts.

In March 2021, Cloud9 announced that they were disbanding its CS: GO division, citing challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the acquisition of the Gambit Esports squad on April 24, 2022, C9 made its comeback to the CS: GO scene, although this time, it was in Europe.


  • Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov (Player)
  • Dmitrii “sh1ro” Sokolov (Player)
  • Sergei “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov (Player)
  • Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov (Player)
  • Timofei “interz” Iakushin (Player)
  • Konstantin “groove” Pikiner (coach)
  • Ivan “F_1N” Kochugov (Analyst)
  • Aleksandr “Sweetypotz” Scherbakov (Manager)


Within the context of the competitive card game Hearthstone produced by Blizzard Activities, Cloud9 has a lengthy history and a storied heritage. C9 has been able to maintain its position as the top team across several tournament seasons and shifting trends in the game because they have players representing different parts of the globe.

Since 2014, when the card game Hearthstone was first made available for competitive play, C9 has maintained a preeminent position within the international competitive scene. Cloud9 has had the potential to secure titles and notoriety for the game’s competitive period in various capacities because the format may be driven individually and collectively.


  • Kolento – Aleksandr Malsh (Player)
  • DDaHyoNi – Sanghyeon Baek (Player)
  • DawN – Hyunjae Jang (Player)
  • Flurry – Hyunsoo Cho (Player)
  • Looksam – Jinhyo Kim (Player)
  • Portia – Dongjae Lee (Player)
  • Hoonmaru – Jihoon Lee (General manager)

League of Legends

Cloud9 League of Legends has a long and illustrious history that exemplifies the virtues of perseverance, cooperation, and peak performance. The unwavering commitment of the squad to coming out on top in League of Legends has reverberated across the whole professional community.

Playing LOL in a computer.

In 2013, C9 swiftly established itself as a tour de force felt in the North American region and further afield due to its excellent accomplishments on the world stage. Most recently, at the Quarterfinals of the 2018 World Championships, C9 made history by becoming the first North American team to advance to the Semifinals since the Season 1 World Championship.

This was the first time since that event that a team from North America has done so. C9 League of Legends is a mighty pillar in the Cloud9 Family because they have their sights continually set on improving and expanding their operations.


  • Fudge – Ibrahim Allami (Top)
  • Blaber – Bobby Huang (Jungle)
  • Diplex – Dimitri Ponomarev (Mid)
  • Berserker – Minchul Kim (Bot)
  • Zven – Jesper Svenningsen (Support)

Coaching Staff

  • mithy – Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez (Head coach)
  • TailsJJ – Zixing Jie (Assistant coach)
  • Veigar v2 – Marius Aune (Assistant coach)
  • Selfie – Marcin Wolski (Positional coach, mid)

Support Staff

  • Tran- Jonathan Tran (VP of talent operations / General manager)
  • Wuju – Johnny Pulatie (Team manager)
  • David – David Han (Team manager)


The London Spitfire, which competes in the Overwatch League and serves as the city of London’s representative in the franchise, has established an unshakeable foundation of drive and progression since joining the organization in 2017.

Overwatch running in a background.

Since the beginning of professional Overwatch and continuing to their victory in the first Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2018, the London Spitfire has maintained a solid and preeminent position in the developing environment of the Overwatch League. The London Spitfire have developed, evolved, and persisted through many revisions of their player roster to remain active.


  • SparkR – William Andersson (DPS)
  • Shax – Johannes Nielsen (DPS)
  • Backbone – Jamie O’Neill (DPS)
  • Poko – Gael Gouzerch (Tank)
  • Hadi – Daniel Bleinagel (Tank)
  • Admiral – Oliver Vahar (Support)
  • Landon – Landon McGee (Support)

Coaching Staff

  • ChrisTFer – Christopher Graham (Head coach)
  • CommanderX – Xavier Hardy (coach)
  • Spilo – Jacob Clifton (Coach)

Support Staff

  • Noukky – Ysabel Müller (Manager)

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Cloud9 has continued to serve as a reliable base for the popular fighting game series Super Smash Bros. Melee, considered a leading figure in the community. The grassroots, community-based ethos of SSBM has found a permanent home at C9 since the game’s inception in 2014.

Super Smash Bros. Melee had already established itself as a dominant force in the world of fighting games. Since 2014, spectacular successes have continued to stream thanks to Mang0, revered as a “God” of SSBM. This only serves to demonstrate Mang0’s decade-long domination across the area.


  • Mang0 – Joseph Marquez (G.O.A.T)
  • Vincent – Vincent Lewis (Team manager)

Teamfight Tactics

Esports has entered a new era, and Cloud9’s introduction into Teamfight Tactics was clearly distinguished by the fact that it enabled world-class ranking pros to compete. Riot games Teamfight Tactics is swiftly becoming the standard by which future professional auto-battlers will be judged, and C9 is firmly established to achieve that goal.

C9’s entry into Teamfight Tactics (TFT) features both esports veterans and fresh competitive entrants, which helps it maintain its position at the top of the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) leaderboards.

Cloud9’s TFT pros represent the best of the leaderboard and creative material for the C9 community on the constantly developing auto-battler. This helps foster both the creative and the competitive sides of gaming.


  • k3soju – Michael Zhang (Tactician)
  • Portia – Dongjae Lee (Player)
  • Hoonmaru – Jihoon Lee (Head manager)
  • Xilently – Jenny Du (manager)


The players on C9’s Valorant team have more than fifteen years of experience playing competitive CS: GO, making them well-positioned to create waves in the newest chapter of esports.

A desktop computer with a Valorant game running in the background.

Even though competitive Valorant has only been around for a short while, the players for Cloud9 have already secured their first triumph by winning the championship at the Elite Esports – Rivalry Bowl North America. Right out of the gate, the group’s goal is to establish a high standard for Valorant.


  • Vanity – Anthony Malaspina (The Judge)
  • leaf – Nathan Orf (The Wildcard)
  • Xeppaa – Erick Bach (The Showman)
  • Yay – Jaccob Whiteaker (El Diablo)
  • Zellsis – Jordan Montemurro (The Comeback Kid)
  • qpert – Mateja Mijović

Coaching Staff

  • mCe – Matthew Elmore (Head coach)
  • Vexel – Gaël Attal (Assistant coach)
  • Vapen – Erik Christopher Sutton (Assistant coach)

Support Staff

  • Hoonmaru – Jihoon Lee (General manager)
  • JASL – Jane Lee (Team manager)

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