CryptoKitties: How It Works and How to Play

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CryptoKitties: How It Works and How to Play

These days, crypto games have tapped into a wide variety of specialized markets, and one of those markets is the group of people who are crazy about cats. CryptoKitties is a cute and fun NFT game that is ideal for people who are passionate about cats and allows players to breed virtual kittens for both fun and to make money.

It’s time for you to get your paws on a digital kitten, so read this article to get familiar with the fundamentals of the game before you start playing.

What is CryptoKitties?

What exactly is a CryptoKitties game? The cryptocurrency-based cat-raising game known as CryptoKitties allows players to collect and breed digital cat cards known as NFTs. It was initially distributed on the Ethereum blockchain and went on to become one of the earliest and most well-known blockchain games in the world.

It was developed in 2017 to make blockchain technology more approachable to those who are just getting started with it. The gaming and collectibles industries got a boost with its introduction as one of the early NFT collections hosted on Ethereum. Long after it first launched, CryptoKitties has been able to sustain both a high NFT floor price and a large monthly user count thanks to its forward-thinking functionality and solid user base.

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Collectors who own multiple CryptoKitty NFTs can “breed” their CryptoKitty NFTs together. Each new NFT that is produced as a result of the breeding process possesses a singular combination of characteristics that are inherited from its ancestry. In the vernacular of CryptoKitties, these characteristics are referred to as “cattributes.” Each CryptoKitty NFT that is bred is a one-of-a-kind collectible that has its own set of distinctive characteristics that are stored on the blockchain.

It was an innovative initiative that was the first to utilize the ERC-721 token standard that Ethereum had to offer.

After some years, the collection is currently in the process of being migrated to the Flow blockchain. Flow is a decentralized application that was developed by the developers of CryptoKitties to improve the usability and scalability of non-fungible currencies.

How does CryptoKitties work?

How does Cryptokitties work? The technology that makes the game possible is known as the blockchain, and it is powered by an algorithm known as the “Genetic Algorithm,” also abbreviated as GA. This is a program that attempts to simulate the genetic process used in real life. This suggests that the information that is kept within a kitten is analogous to the DNA that is found in other living things. The information, in turn, contains the key to deciphering the appearance of all living creatures.

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When it comes to us humans, the code for our height, our hair color, and a whole host of other characteristics are included within our DNA. In CryptoKitties, the stripes, colors, and patterns on the fur, as well as the facial expressions, are the genes that determine an animal’s look. In this instance, the genes can also affect the color of the background that is displayed along with the cat.

In the body of a human being, as well as the bodies of any other animal or plant for that matter, the DNA is built out of proteins. In the instance of the crypto kittens, the genes are constructed using straightforward numerical combinations.

In addition, mating is how two different species of animals generate offspring in the natural world. This indicates that the DNA from one parent is mingled with the DNA from the other parent, which ultimately results in a child who is distinct from both of their parents. When the egg and the sperm come together to form a baby, the egg passes on the genes from the mother, while the sperm passes on the genes from the father.

Because the genes are a combination of those of both parents, and the combination can never be repeated in the same way, the DNA of each child and animal is unique.

The fundamental ideas behind the Genetic Algorithm have not changed in the least. The one-of-a-kind code of one crypto kitten is combined with the code of another crypto kitten, and the result is the creation of a new kitten. Because the proportion of each parent’s contribution to the offspring changes with each mating, even “siblings” may not always have the same DNA or physical characteristics.

How to play CryptoKitties?

How do you go about playing CryptoKitties? At the beginning of the game, you will not have any cats, so the first thing you will need to do is purchase a cat from the store. The marketplace is simple to navigate, and it doesn’t take much effort to get started with the game.

In addition, to begin the process of breeding the cats, you will need a minimum of two distinct cats (since they are all unique, it will not be that hard). It is possible to get started with just one cat; however, to begin breeding, you will need the assistance of another person.

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If you already own two cats, you can immediately begin the process of breeding them. This is a simple procedure in which you simply choose the cats that you wish to breed and then click a button.

When the two virtual cats have successfully produced offspring, an egg will appear in your inventory. The egg will hatch as soon as you click on it, and then you will have an additional kitten available for purchase.

There may be a generational gap in the felines that are available for purchase. The generation from which a cat hails can be seen displayed directly beneath its number in the catalog. Let’s pretend that we have two cats and that both of them belong to the second generation of the cat breed. Should these two cats decide to have kittens, the resulting litter will be considered part of the third generation of cats.

One of the cats is referred to as a “Dame” in the CryptoKitties world, while the other is referred to as a “Sire.” Since each cat has a unique “gender,” It is not made clear that the “Dame” is a female character and that the “Sire” is a male one; nevertheless, given that it is the “Dame” who becomes pregnant, it is safe to conclude that this is the case.

After you have successfully bred two of the virtual cats, that pair will enter a “resting period,” during which you will not be able to breed those cats again for a set amount of time.

As you continue to breed cats, the cats will shift lower down in generation as you continue to breed, and the combination of genes will continue.

How to make money with CryptoKitties?

The question now is, how exactly do people make money off of CryptoKitties? The idea for assigning different values to the cats is predicated on the fact that some of the animals are more scarce than others. It is the lack of availability of a cat that drives up its value, which is also the core concept behind the majority of collection-based video games.

Rare examples are typical of the utmost curiosity of either the players or the ones who are collecting the visual kittens. But if each of the kittens is special in its way, aren’t they all unique and hence rare? This is an intriguing facet of the evaluation of the kittens, which you can check below. What distinguishes what is uncommon from what is more common, given that they all have their own unique characteristics?

One of the people responsible for developing the game claims that the users themselves determine which items qualify as rare and which do not. If every participant in the game chooses to breed cats with green eyes, then more cats with green eyes will arise in the game, and they will become less frightening.

The fact that they are becoming less unusual as their numbers grow has contributed to a decrease in the market price of the kittens. It is also a component of the users of CryptoKitties’ perspective and how they view the various characteristics that a kitten may possess.

The generations from which the kittens originate are one of the characteristics that are the least common among them. In the first year, there was the production of gen 0 cats. It is written in the smart contracts that the creators can generate 50,000 of these kittens beginning with generation 0. They are more valuable than the others because they have a cap on them, which makes them rarer than the others. As an example, a cat from generation 1 is worth less than one from generation 2.


Mewtations, which are another aspect that contributes to the worth of the cats, is what they name this thing. Some of the genes did not present in generation 0 and can therefore only become active in the event of a mutation, which scientists are now calling a mewtation.

Mewtated (mutated) kittens can belong to a variety of distinct tiers. There are presently only 243 cats that own this gem, and it is awarded to the first cat that receives a certain mewtation. A kitten that comes with a diamond gem is going to be sold for approximately 3–4 ETH, and 4 ETH.

A kitten that has a diamond gem but has not been bred with anyone yet can sell for even more money. However, the worth of such a cat is difficult to determine because it has been so long since one was purchased.

A gold gem will be given to the cat that comes in second to tenth place in the mewtation and receives the same mewtation as the cat that has the diamond gem. These cats are rare as well, though not quite on the same level of rarity as the first cat. These kittens may be purchased for approximately 0.5 ETH, which is equivalent to about $120.

The progression of the gem system continues with an amethyst gem being awarded to the 11th-100th cat and a lapis gem being awarded to the 100th-500th cat.

Founder cats

The first 100 cats that were ever to exist on CryptoKitties are referred to as founder cats, and they are an additional type of valuable kitten. The value is determined by their ID number, with a higher value corresponding to a lower ID number. These kittens have sold for anything from 15 to 25 ETH over the course of the past few months, which is equivalent to $3,577 to USD 5,962.

This is an unfathomably large sum of money, and they are still 95% less expensive than they were in 2017. That puts the price of the least expensive founder cat at almost $71,000.

Exclusive cats

The group that developed CryptoKitties also contributed to the introduction of these kittens. They were presented as rewards for outstanding work or won the top prize in some kind of competition. Some of these rare cats have been purchased for exorbitant sums of money by buyers around the world.

The age of the cat and the degree to which it is uncommon both contribute to the value of these cats; but, as the previous examples demonstrated, the value can fluctuate quite a little. This demonstrates that some exclusive cats are more valuable than others because other exclusive cats are selling for “just” 2–3 ETH.

Mewtated, founder, and exclusive cats are just a few of the many various kinds of cats that may be found within the game. When one considers the various cats and the prices at which other users are selling them, it becomes quite evident that one may make money off of these virtual kittens.

The ability to produce cats that get a rare mewtation for them to receive a diamond gem as a reward is a fantastic way to increase one’s income. However, given that there is no assurance that you will ever get such a cat, it is not a particularly sustainable practice.

The several profitable avenues available through CryptoKitties

In general, even the regular cats are selling for money, which means that you can get some money even from selling the regular cats, although the numbers won’t be as high. And during the process of breeding, there is always a chance that one will be blessed with a feline that possesses a unique diamond.

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There are also breeding patterns that can be found online, that will tell you exactly which cats should be bred with one another to produce more unique offspring. This is also something of a gamble because the types of cats that are in demand are always shifting. It’s possible that a cat that is expensive right now won’t be worth as much in the future.

However, breeding is only one method of making money on CryptoKitties; another one is to acquire items and then sell them later. It is feasible to make a profit by purchasing a kitten at a reduced cost and then reselling it at a higher price.

Last but not least, there is also a chance that one of your cats will become sired. This would imply that other people can choose your cat to be the Sire of their new kitten and pay you for the privilege. You are going to keep the vast majority of the profits, but CryptoKitties is going to take a cut of them as their commission. This fee is calculated at 3.75 percent of the total amount of the transaction.

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