Thetan Arena: How to Play and Earn

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What is Thetan Arena?

What exactly is “Thetan Arena”? Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based multiplayer online arena game that can be played on personal computers (PCs), mobile devices (Android and iOS), and gaming consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). It is a play-to-earn game, which means that users can earn rewards just by engaging with the platform. Players can earn rewards by playing the game.

Players in Thetan Arena can claim ownership of in-game characters and other assets, such as skins and weapons, thanks to the use of NFTs in the game. The game can also be played for free without the need for the NFT component; but to make a profit using this method, a good deal of skill is required.

It is interesting to note that, up until now, this game is the only one of its kind in which the acquired NFT characters have a certain amount of time during which they can be used. To put it another way, there are only a certain number of matches in which each of the NFT objects has the opportunity to earn the game’s currency. After this number has been achieved, users will no longer receive rewards for playing with them and will instead be required to purchase a new NFT character.

How does Thetan Arena Gameplay work?

How does the gameplay of the Thetan Arena work? The fact that Thetan Arena is not web-based sets it apart from both Splinterlands and the majority of other blockchain games. To play, users must first download the version compatible with their computer (PC), or mobile device (iOS or Android), and then either sign in as a guest or register as a full player using their MetaMask account.

Obtaining Heroes

It provides players with a total of four primary options for acquiring heroes: the System Gift, Purchasing, Renting, and Summoning from Blind Boxes.

System Gift

After logging in to the game’s UI, you will be able to obtain three free heroes of a random sort and quality. Heroes that are obtained without cost cannot be bought or sold on the market.

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In Thetan Arena, there are three primary classes of heroes: tanks, marksmen, and assassins. Each of these classes can have one of three qualities: common, epic, or legendary.

A variety of heroes, each with its own distinct appearance and set of fighting skills, are available. To further improve their heroes’ capabilities in battle, players can purchase new skins for their heroes to equip. There are three tiers of rarity for skins: normal, rare, and mythical. Normal skins are the most common.


Direct purchases of heroes from the Marketplace using THC can be made by players at any time. As of the 10th of April, the most costly hero may be purchased for 99,999.999 THC, which is equivalent to around $1,077.71. The price of the hero with the lowest price point is 670 THC, which is equivalent to approximately USD 7.22.


Players in Thetan Arena can rent heroes, much like they can in Axie Infinity, so that they can compete and win rewards. As of the 10th of April, the highest price for a hero to rent on the market is 50,000 THC, which is equivalent to around $547.8. The lowest cost is 50 THC, which is equivalent to around $0.54.

Blind Box Summoning

To increase both the thrill and the sense of discovery presented by the game, it incorporates a blind box extraction approach. Players can purchase blind boxes using two distinct token combinations obtained at the Titan Arena. These blind boxes include a random assortment of heroes of varying rarities.


Players are allowed to begin the game once they have heroes at their disposal. Battle Royale, Tower, Superstar, and Death Match are the four primary game modes that players can choose from.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode is more comparable to the Battlegrounds mode found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It can be played by a single player or by two players battling against each other simultaneously. The most important distinction is that if two players are working together on a team if one of them is killed, the other player has the opportunity to save him.

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Finding and destroying the supply boxes, as well as eliminating foes within the time limit of four minutes, will result in the player becoming the sole victor on the battlefield.

It is essential to keep in mind that each of the four safe zones will get smaller over the course of the four minutes; consequently, the protagonist will perish instantly if he is unable to remain within one of the safe zones.


Tower Defense follows a format that is comparable to that of League of Legends, with the key differences being that League of Legends has ten players and each match lasts longer than thirty minutes. In the Thetan Arena, a single game of Tower takes less than five minutes to complete.

The gameplay consists of randomly forming two teams consisting of every four individuals. Both teams have a total of five minutes to eliminate all of the heroes from the opposing team and bring down the tower to claim victory. If neither team’s tower is destroyed during the first five minutes of the round, victory goes to the group that has a greater tower life value.


The length of the fights in Superstar mode is the primary distinction between this mode and the Five Armies style found in Honor of Kings. Thetan Arena is played at 4v4 over the course of 4 minutes, while Honor of Kings is played at 5v5 over the course of 8 minutes.

Each group of four players will be assigned to one of two teams at random. Both teams battle against one another to get as many stars as they can in a time limit of four minutes; the winner is determined by which team has earned the most stars. If one team has accumulated 50 more stars than the other by the end of the four-minute time limit, they have won the game outright. There is no reason to wait until the conclusion of the allotted four minutes.


The mode Deathmatch in Thetan Arena is very similar to Flaming Mountain in Honor of Kings. The main difference between the two modes is that in Flaming Mountain in Honor of Kings, players must eliminate 30 opponents to win, whereas, in Deathmatch, there is no set requirement for the number of opponents eliminated.

Each group of four players will be assigned to one of two teams at random. The winner is determined by who has eliminated the most opponents in the allotted time of three minutes.

In addition to the four primary types of gaming that were discussed before, it occasionally makes available play modes that are only available for a limited amount of time. Campaigns, leaderboard competitions, and other types of events fall within this category.

How to earn money in Thetan Arena?

How can I get money while playing in the Thetan Arena? Players have the opportunity to acquire both THC and THG tokens while competing in Thetan Arena. It uses two distinct tokens. The Thetan Coin (THC) is the primary form of in-game cash, and players can earn more of it by taking part in a variety of activities, including playing different game modes.

When a player has accumulated enough THC tokens through gameplay, they are eligible to have those tokens added to their wallet. THC can be earned by players in one of three ways, which are as follows:

  • Battle: Participating in combat results in the acquisition of a THC bonus that varies according to the trophy class and rarity of the hero.
  • Missions: Once a player has accumulated a certain number of Quest Points, which are awarded to them for completing quests, they can trade those Quest Points in for THC.
  • Ranking Rewards: Each time a player’s level increases, that player receives THC.

THC may be spent on the purchase of NFTs as well as the Thetan Box, which serves as the primary repository of Hero characters for the entire Thetan Arena system. It is also intended that the token would serve as an incentive for broadcasters whenever they publish gaming videos.

The game also makes use of a supplementary token known as the Thetan Gem in addition to the THC (THG). This is a utility and governance token that operates in a decentralized manner as the medium of the transaction between players. Its purpose is to offer gamers a method of payment and settlement that is both easy to use and safe, and this is its primary objective. It is not intended to function as a medium of exchange for use in public activities.

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There are three different ways to earn THG:

  • Special Events: Players have the opportunity to gain THG and NFTs in this competition.
  • Tournaments: Once the Tournaments feature has been released, users will be able to compete in tournaments and receive THG for their efforts.
  • Marketplace: Participating in financial transactions on the Thetan Arena Marketplace enables users to acquire THG.

When players have accumulated enough THG prizes, they can spend those benefits to evolve their Thetan Heroes. In addition, holders of THG are granted the ability to create and vote on on-chain governance recommendations regarding future features and parameters.

Despite the initial success they enjoyed, the value of THC and THG has steadily decreased over time, remaining at approximately $0.074 for THC and $4.86 for THG at the time this article was written. However, as game tokens, both have the potential to increase in value as more people join the community of Thetan Arena. This is because more players mean more competition.

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