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What is Dapper Labs?

What is Dapper Labs? Dapper Labs is a blockchain and software development company that creates blockchain-based products and services. Since it was established in 2018, it has provided consumer enthusiasts with a genuine stake in the competition by bringing them closer to the brands they adore, constructing active and exciting communities to contribute to, and producing new pathways for them to become creators on their own.

The NBA, NBPA, WNBA, WNBPA, La Liga, NFL, NFLPA, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Genies, and UFC are some of the studio partners that Dapper Labs currently works with.

Building new apps and platforms that enable exceptional user experiences while remaining accessible to hundreds of millions of fans of organizations such as the NBA and NFL, for example, is one of the ways that Dapper Labs is helping to accelerate the transition to Web3.

Dapper Labs products

Below is a list of Dapper Labs products.


Users of the game CryptoKitties, built on the Ethereum blockchain, can acquire and trade digital cats through the platform.


FanCraze (Faze Technologies) is a startup that develops exclusive digital collectibles for cricket on public blockchains. These collectibles can only be obtained through playing cricket. Fans of cricket now have the opportunity to engage in the digital economy of the sport by owning, trading, and using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all while displaying their passion for the sport.

NBA Top Shot

Top shot logo

An NFT marketplace platform, NBA Top Shot allows users to acquire ownership of plays performed in basketball games.


This is the place to find next-generation digital video collectibles that highlight the most exciting moments of the current season. The National Football League allows fans to collect and trade unique classic moments from the league’s history and present.

Cheeze Wizards

Cheeze Wizards is a cheese-themed battle royale.

UFC Strike

UFC Strike allows fans to create a digital profile and connect with their favorite UFC athletes by collecting fully-licensed NFTs with video and broadcast audio integration of epic fight highlights.


Collect some of LaLiga’s most legendary moments, with voice commentary in Spanish and English: wonderful dribbles and talents, exceptional assists, incredible saves, and excellent defensive actions.

Dapper Labs Blockchain

A blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized, distributed, and frequently open to the public. It is made up of records that are referred to as “blocks,” and their purpose is to record transactions that take place across a network of computers so that any block in the chain cannot be altered retroactively without also affecting all blocks that follow it.

Dapper Labs came up with the idea for the Flow Blockchain, which they designed to be a more effective digital ledger with the added benefit of being user-friendly for software developers.

Flow stands apart from other blockchains due to its unique combination of the following four pillars:

  • Multi-role architecture: The design of Flow is one of a kind and makes it possible for the network to scale to the point where it can service billions of users without sharding or limiting the degree to which consensus is distributed.
  • Resource-oriented programming: The smart contracts on Flow are written in Cadence, a language that is easier to use and safer for crypto-assets and applications.
  • Developer ergonomics: This network is designed for results, from upgradeable smart contracts and built-in logging support to its Flow Emulator.
  • Consumer onboarding: Flow was developed for mainstream customers, including payment onramps that catalyze a safe and low-friction path from fiat to cryptocurrency. This feature was included to facilitate onboarding.

Flow is built on an innovative design that provides the level of performance necessary for mainstream applications and maintains the network’s decentralized nature. Developers working on Flow can create apps that are both secure and modular, opening up new opportunities for billions of customers all over the world.

How to buy Flow?

How to buy Flow? Below, we will walk you through the process of purchasing Flow (Dapper Labs) in detail.

1. Download a crypto wallet

There are a variety of cryptocurrency wallets now available. It would be in your best interest to pick the one that is the most well-integrated regarding your region, preferred payment method, and policy. If you have a desktop computer, you can use that to download Google Chrome as well as the wallet extension for Chrome.

Crypto wallet flashed unto a smartphone screen

If you’d rather use your smartphone instead of a computer, you can get the wallet’s mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on your platform.

2. Set up your wallet

You can register and set up the cryptocurrency wallet by using the extension for the wallet you downloaded for Google Chrome or the mobile app you downloaded in Step 1. You can consult the help page for the wallet if you need any additional information. Take note of your wallet address, and ensure that your seed phrase remains safe. You will require it later, precisely on Steps 4 and 6.

3. Purchase your base currency

After you have created your wallet, you may buy the base currency by signing into your Exchange account and navigating to the Buy & Sell Crypto page. This will allow you to make the purchase. If this is your first time using a cryptocurrency exchange, you may learn how to sign up for an account and buy your first coin by reading the tutorials provided by the exchange.

4. Transfer your base currency to your crypto wallet

After purchasing the base currency, navigate to the wallet section of your account and check for the coin you just bought there. Select the “withdraw” option and then fill out the necessary fields.

You will need to select the appropriate network, then supply your wallet address and the amount you wish to send.

You will need to wait for your base currency to show up in your wallet after clicking the withdraw button.

5. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

There are several DEXs available; all you need to do is check to see whether or not the exchange supports the wallet you selected in Step 2. If you are using the Binance wallet, you can finish the transaction by going to the website known as Pancake Swap.

6. Connect your wallet, then trade your base money with Flow (Dapper Labs)

Connect your wallet to the DEX that you intend to use by using the address of the wallet that you obtained in Step 2. Flow should be selected as the coin you wish to purchase, and your base currency should be selected as the payment.

A man putting a coin in his jacket.

7. If you’re having trouble locating Flow (Dapper Labs), you should look for its Smart Contracts

If the coin you are looking for is not published on the DEX, you can try using BscScan or Etherscan to find the address of the smart contract it uses. Once complete, you can copy and paste it into Pancake Swap.

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