UFC Strike NFT: Beginner’s Guide

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Dapper Labs has firmly established itself as the go-to location for high-level NFT sports across the internet and metaverse. First, the company gained widespread popularity on the internet with NBA Top Shot, a set of fully approved NBA and WNBA NFTs designed for sports collectors. The company also recreated the same enchantment with the UFC using a product called UFC Strike. And today, we will delve more into the UFC Strike NFT.

What is UFC Strike?

What is UFC Strike? Users of UFC Strike are given the opportunity to amass digital artifacts depicting current and previous UFC moments involving their preferred combatants.

Dapper Labs, the industry leaders in sports NFT, have released their newest digital collectible game, UFC Strike. These video collectibles showcase the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), such as Francis Ngannou, Robbie Lawler, Kamaru Usman, and other fighters.

UFC Strike is a collectible built on the Flow Blockchain that incorporates both current and historical moments minted on the blockchain. It is an officially licensed collectible by the UFC. Collectors have the opportunity to sign up, make purchases, open packs, and compile a collection of their favorite fighters’ moments from both the past and the present.

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On January 23, 2022, the queue drop feature was used to distribute the first UFC Strike NFT packets to players. Collectors might find superstars completing chokes, scoring knockouts, and executing finishes to perfection if they featured two tiers of moments.

UFC Strike NFT

You’ll discover the following two varieties of UFC Strike NFTs on the Marketplace:


Moments are one-of-a-kind, limited-edition NFTs that feature the most famous video highlights of strikes, knockouts, submissions, and other types of finishes, all of which come directly from the action that takes place inside the Octagon.

Hype NFTs

Action that takes place outside of the Octagon, such as a humorous interview, a legendary face-off, or top-tier smack talk, is featured in hyped non-fighting titles. They are intended to be given out as prizes or promotional objects in the immediate sense because they are collectibles. However, you may try selling them on the Marketplace for some money!

UFC Strike NFT Marketplace

You may purchase and sell individual Moment NFTs from your favorite fighters in the UFC Strike Marketplace. This marketplace is accessible through the UFC Strike app. Therefore, if you have been keeping an eye on a Moment that you would like to add to your collection, this will be the method to do it, and if you are a bit short on funds to acquire the Moment that you want, you may post one of the Moments in your collection for sale on the website.

The UFC Strike community owns all of the Moments that are available for free trade in the UFC Strike Marketplace, which is open around the clock, seven days a week, and stocked with Moments that were previously distributed via pack purchases and airdrops.

UFC Strike Editions and Tiers

MMA fans have the opportunity to acquire Moments by making purchases of digital card packs through the UFC Strike website. Collectors have the chance to obtain Moments from one of five different levels whenever they open a pack. On the other hand, not every bundle will contain Moments from all the tiers.

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Some packs will include a large number of moments that are frequently rated, which will result in a lower overall value for the pack. Other packs, however, will give a collector the opportunity to pack an ultimate moment at a very low probability.

Let’s take a look at the different tiers and the number of Strike moments that are awarded for each one:

  • Fandom: Uncapped amount of Moments
  • Contender: 10,000 to 25,000 minted
  • Challenger: 250 to 999 minted
  • Champion: 25 to 99 minted
  • Ultimate: 1 to 10 minted (most rare)

Fandom Tier: These UFC Strike NFT Moments will be minted outside the basic Rarity Tiers and are intended to be used only in exceptional situations, such as the distribution of Challenge Rewards. There is no mandated minimum for the number of mints.

Contender Tier: This is a celebration of the accomplishment of winning at the sport’s highest level, which takes place inside the Octagon. This tier is loaded with action from striking technicians, grappling specialists, and the fiercest finishers to ever compete in UFC. It features the most fierce finishers who have ever competed in the UFC. There is a maximum supply of 25,000 Contender Moments that can be created with each Contender Moment NFT.

Challenger Tier: These limited collectibles showcase the fighters who pushed the competition to the edge and made an unmistakable mark on UFC fans for their performance inside the Octagon. The silver lining is that these limited collectibles feature the fighters who pushed the competition to the brink. The maximum number of Challenger Moments that can be produced is 2,500 for each Challenger Moment NFT.

Champion Tier: Unmissable in their design, with standout gold trim, and worthy of past and current fighters who have claimed an undisputed or interim UFC Championship belt in their respective divisions, these UFC Strike NFT Moments and fighters left an indelible mark on the sport. This tier is reserved for fighters who have won an undisputed or interim UFC Championship belt in their respective divisions.

As a result, the total number of Champion Moments that will be made available in Series 0 and 1 will be limited to at most 3,000, and the count of each Champion Moment that is minted will be limited to 99 or fewer.

Ultimate Tier: These officially licensed Collectibles are the rarest on the entire UFC Strike platform, with no more than 10 of each ever being published. Acquiring one of these collectibles is the ultimate achievement for a UFC Strike collector.

Pack Drops

The queue and pack drop system is used in UFC Strike, much like it was in the games that came before it. This method allows collectors to line up in advance of the pack releases, and then they are randomly placed in a queue position. As things stand right now, there are no pack extras that are determined by a collector’s score, premium queues, or anything else of a similar type. It is entirely determined by random chance.

How to buy UFC Strike NFT?

How to buy UFC Strike NFT? The process of buying Moments has been significantly simplified by Dapper.

Each individual user will have their own personal account linked to a digital wallet after they create a Dapper account. Dapper Labs maintains its own blockchain. Because the digital wallet is linked to your bank account, a collector does not require their own cryptocurrency wallet to buy any of the NFTs.

You can transfer money from your bank account to your wallet so that you can buy packs with that cash. Similarly, owners can retrieve monies from the wallet for Moments that have been sold after they have been purchased.

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