What Is Ethermon?

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What is Ethermon?

What exactly is Ethermon? Ethermon was one of the first games to leverage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide players with complete decentralized control over their gaming experience. This gave players the ability to use and exchange in-game assets while also earning money through cryptocurrency transactions.

The goal of the game is to amass a collection of Ether Mons, which are simply referred to as “Mons,” and to take part in a variety of expanding missions and game modes.

The interactive NFT game was initially released in 2017 under the name “Etheromon” as the first PVP war game in the Etheromon ecosystem. In 2019, it was later modified by the game’s most skilled players and rebranded as “Ethermon.”

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The gaming world continued to develop during the year 2021, and in that year, they were successful in purchasing the 8th largest district in Decentraland, which comprised 668 LAND. To create a gaming area that is both the largest and most immersive. In 2021, to continue developing the game, the development team released a new cryptocurrency called $EMON to fund the company’s ambitious expansion goals.

Ethermon Team

Even though it was developed during what was known as the “crypto winter” that lasted in 2020, many Ethermon aficionados and dedicated players fought for it to thrive in the industry. This allowed it to be one of the few cryptocurrencies to survive. It is one of the first blockchain games on the market, and as a result, the team behind it has continued to expand, and there are currently over 30 full-time and part-time staff working on the project.

The team’s development of the game was guided by their belief that gaming would eventually become decentralized, and they were right. Since then, a great number of blockchain games have been conceived, designed, and implemented. It is still relevant in the blockchain gaming business even up to this day because it was designed to give players a say in the governance of games and how they can contribute to those games.

Ethermon Investors and Partners

Animoca Brands, Candaq, Kenetic Capital, NGC Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, LD Capital, Polkastarter, Morningstar Ventures, KYROS Ventures, AU21 Capital, KOSMOS, Lotus Capital, GBV, Spark Digital Capital, Tess Ventures, Polygon are among the many notable investors in Ethermon.

Ethermon Tokens (EMONT, now EMON)

Ethermon’s original token, which predates the ERC-20 standard tokens and is referred to as the EMONT, is considered the heritage token. The issue with EMONT is that this token is no longer being produced; nevertheless, it has been succeeded by a more recent token that goes by the name EMON. Visit the website if you are an older player and want to find out how to convert your EMONT tokens into EMON.

EMON was created and released to support the expansion of Ethermon from having 2D gameplay to having a 3D metaverse that is more focused as a play-to-earn game. This change occurred because EMON was created to promote the expansion of the game.

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Because EMON will now be regarded as the primary and sole token in the Ethermon ecosystem, it is strongly recommended that existing holders of EMONT have their tokens upgraded to the most recent version as soon as they can.

Token Utility

The tokens can be acquired within the game, and considering that this is a play-to-earn model, users will be incentivized to get passive advantages and access Ethermon content to increase their chances of earning more tokens. Participating in one-of-a-kind competitions and tournaments will allow you to unlock or upgrade uncommon NFTs and assets, and will also earn you tokens.

The fact that it is available to customers at no cost is one of the game’s many appealing features. You can, however, use the power you have by utilizing the tokens to gain access to additional premium and exclusive material if that is something that you are interested in.

In addition to this, there is off-chain, uncapped money in the game known as MARKS. MARKS were originally utilized for the DCL game. Combat, looting, and completing other tasks and adventures within the game all provide opportunities to accumulate this cash. You can utilize MARKS, which are more easily obtained, to unlock basic content and purchase basic assets. This is possible because MARKS are more plentiful in Ethermon.

Ether Monsters

The Ether Monsters are going to be your primary source of entertainment throughout this game. You should first become familiar with the many forms, types, and statistics of the so-called Mons if you want to become comfortable with the game.


Ethermons are capable of changing “Forms” and can develop over time. These forms are only available to specific species and are capable of transformation once the required threshold has been reached. The point at which each species undergoes this transformation is exclusive to that species. At the moment, the morphing capability is only accessible to a select number of Mons on Ethereum, but it is gradually being made available on Polygon.

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How to transform your Mon:

  • You must reach the level requirement specified for your Mon for it to morph.
  • You must either own all three of the Mon’s ancestors or rent them.

As soon as you are ready with both of the prerequisites, you should call together the three ancestors so that they can channel the energy necessary for the transformation. Only a handful of extremely rare animals from the first generation retain the ability to shift without having any forebears.

You will need to acquire all of your Mon’s ancestors to perform a higher-level transformation on it. Your Mon may need to be at a higher level to transform, as not all Mons are capable of transforming twice. When a Mon is transformed into its higher form, its level is reset to 1, and its base statistics are reset to within the upper ranges of their respective categories.


There are many different kinds of Mon, and all of these kinds communicate with one another. There is a type of both weakness and strength associated with each category. A kind that has an advantage over another type has a stat advantage of thirty percent more than the type that has a disadvantage. Aside from that, the metrics are unchangeable.


There are six primary statistics that a Mon possesses, and each one is determined by chance when the Mon is born. A Mon can have higher stats than another Mon of the same level if that particular Mon was born with higher stats than the other Mon. The Battle Power (BP) of a Monster is determined by adding up all six of its stats. On the other hand, this does not mean that having a higher BP will automatically result in victory.

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  • Health (HP) – A Mon’s Health, also known as Hit Points, indicates how much damage it can sustain before being defeated.
  • Primary Attack (PA) – An opponent Mon’s Primary Defense will take damage from your Primary Attack.
  • Secondary Attack (SA) – An enemy Mon’s Secondary Defense will take damage if you use the secondary attack.
  • Primary Defense (PD) is an ability that prevents damage from being inflicted by an adversary Mon’s Primary Attack.
  • Secondary Defense (SD) is a defensive ability that helps prevent damage from an adversary Mon’s Secondary Attack.
  • Speed (SP)

NFT Markets

In addition to the game itself, users of Ethermon have the opportunity to earn money by either selling or renting the assets they own. In addition to the main Ethermon store that is located on their website, gamers have access to secondary peer-to-peer marketplaces as well as third-party markets such as Opensea where they may sell and purchase Mons.

Ethermon store

You may frequently purchase Mons at the official Ethermon store before they are let loose in the wild and resold on the open market. This is because the official Ethermon store is where Mons are first made available for purchase. As the previously limited supply of Mons is purchased, new Mons are consistently brought to the shop to replace them.

Ethermon market

The Ethermon market is the official site where players who already hold Ethermon NFTs can trade their NFTs with other players in a player-to-player transaction that is restricted to the use of ETH as the sole acceptable currency.

The platform earns a modest percentage of the sale price in exchange for facilitating the trade, and no new Ethermon NFTs are created as a result of the trade. On this platform, players can purchase, rent, sell, and borrow on-chain Mons from and to one another. A nominal fee equal to 3% of Mon sales is deducted by the platform.


Opensea is a leading third-party market where other collectors also put Ethermon NFTs for sale that they are interested in purchasing. Opensea and Ethermon each take a tiny fee of 2.5% of Mon sales, making the total fee on Opensea 5% higher than the fee that is charged on the Ethermon Market (which is 3%).

How to play Ethermon?

How do you go about playing Ethermon? The Ether monsters (Mons) serve as the center of the game’s universe, which makes these monsters a vital part of the gameplay. Players have the opportunity to acquire Ether monsters in the Ethermon universe, which is home to over 100,000 distinct Ether monsters, by purchasing them from the game’s official marketplace, purchasing them from other players, or just by playing the game.

The ability to play the game to earn Mons, which may also be acquired by playing the game in its free edition, is a component of the play-to-earn feature of the game.

It is made up of more than 50 different adventure locations. These adventure sites are each composed of ten shares, and the ownership of an adventure site can be won at auction by the person who places the highest bid. The proprietors of these Adventure sites are entitled to earn ninety percent of the Adventure Fees that are collected.

Players can send their Mons on an adventure to one of the game’s 54 different Adventure sites for a price in the Adventure mode. In exchange for their Ether Mon, players have the opportunity to get a boost item, a wild Mon, or in-game gold, the specifics of which are determined by the attributes and type of the Ether Mon that was delivered.

Players can compete against one another in head-to-head matches using their very own Mons teams in the game’s PvP events. Players have the opportunity to compete in these tournaments for free and win a variety of prizes based on their performance in the various levels, often known as “ladders,” of the competition. A six-day period of time is allotted for a PvP tournament before the winners are determined.

How to earn in Ethermon?

How to earn in Ethermon? It has just recently implemented an ERC-20 token that goes by the name EMON to strengthen its play-to-earn economy. There is a total quantity of 400 million EMON tokens, and they can be found on the Ethereum Blockchain as well as the Polygon Blockchain. It is important to note that Ethermon already has a token in circulation known as EMONT, which was initially released in 2017. The blockchain game has now discontinued its token.

Players are encouraged to gain EMON as a result of the game’s “play to earn” features, which are in place. These tokens can be used by players of this classic NFT game to purchase a variety of different non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inside the ecosystem, such as Ethermons, equipment, or asset packs. In addition, users can utilize it to improve the gameplay, unlock premium content, upgrade metas, and do a variety of other things.

To acquire EMON tokens, gamers must first acquire MARKS, the in-game currency that exists off-chain. After that, they are able to make NFTs with the help of MARKS. A player can earn EMON tokens by either burning these NFTs or selling them on one of the marketplaces. In addition, users can acquire the token by completing quests, competing in gym fights, participating in in-game competitions, and doing a variety of other activities.

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