What Is StarCraft?

View of a character from Starcraft.

What exactly is this game called StarCraft? StarCraft is a real-time strategy game in which the objective is to collect an army by gathering the many natural resources that are scattered over the battlefield and then destroying the armies of your opponents.

The gameplay is modeled around the conventional real-time strategy game systems, such as those found in Warcraft, Age of Empires, and other games focusing on army control. The players are provided with a base that contains various minerals and Vespene Gas, both of which must be collected by worker units. After then, these resources will be used to purchase army units, which will be utilized by them to combat their adversary.

Every StarCraft game adds new chapters to the overarching narrative and reveals new aspects of the foreseeable future. The player assumes the role of a military commander in control of a platoon that they are responsible for individually building up and commanding during the fights in the game.A gamer concentrating while playing a game online.

It was first made available for Microsoft Windows, and then it was made available for the Macintosh and Nintendo 64. On May 19, 2007, the announcement of the sequel StarCraft II was made. On July 27, 2010, the first chapter of StarCraft II, titled Wings of Liberty, was made available to the public.

The remastering of StarCraft, which will be known as StarCraft: Remastered, was scheduled for the summer of 2017. After the release of Patch 1.8, the game became available for free to everyone who has Battle.net.

Gameplay of StarCraft

The primary goal of any StarCraft game, whether it be multiplayer or single-player, is to vanquish your opponents, whether they are real people or the computer, by overwhelming them and destroying all of their buildings. This can be done in either case. Several distinct objectives can be found in a selection of single-player missions and custom maps.

Race asymmetry

StarCraft is a real-time strategy video game that centers on three asymmetrical “races”: the Protoss, the Terran, and the Zerg. These “races” are supposed to play quite differently from one another, but the game itself is still designed to be fair and balanced.

The gameplay of this concept is in stark contrast to that of StarCraft’s predecessor, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, which features two different races who have essentially similar selections of units and only differ in terms of their visual presentation.

Each race has a different unit philosophy, which contributes to the development of its distinct gameplay approach. As a result, the player’s choice of race is extremely important, given that each race necessitates an entirely different approach to the game.


In general, Protoss units are superior in terms of both power and durability; yet, they are also incredibly expensive. The primary mentality of the Protoss is to tank an opponent with a far lower number of units that are significantly more powerful.

For instance, the first available Protoss ground warrior, known as the “Zealot,” is twice as expensive as its Terran counterpart and four times as expensive as its Zerg counterpart; despite this, the Zealot would win the fight against even two opposing units if they were pitted against one another.


Terran units are notorious for being delicate, difficult to handle, and purpose-built for specific roles. Terran troops were developed to be deployed in conjunction with one another, in strategic combinations and formations, often imitating the tactics used in actual wars that have taken place in the real world.

For instance, a fundamental Terran combination is to make use of marines, which are ranged gun-wielding units, along with an ability known as “stimpacks,” which is analogous to instant steroids in that it makes units momentarily stronger at the expense of their health, and medics, which can continuously heal other units, to engage a greater number of foes than would otherwise be possible.


Zerg units are easy and inexpensive to build in large numbers. The insect-like Zerg are built around the concept of swarm tactics. While it is true that a single Zerg unit would have a difficult time holding its own against its counterpart, many Zerg units may easily overwhelm and flank it.

For instance, the first available Zerg foot soldier, known as Zerglings, may be purchased for the same price as a single Protoss Zealot, and depending on the level of their upgrades, they can make quick work of the unit.

Battle gameplay

Different varieties of attacks and sizes of units can be used in StarCraft. This feature bestows a unique quality upon each unit in addition to its attack-to-health ratio, and it endows certain units with a significant advantage when pitted against other types of units. The following are the types of unit sizes:

  • Small – zerglings, zealots, marines, worker units, etc.
  • Medium – hydralisks, vultures, and corsairs
  • Large – ultralisks, siege tanks, archons, dragoons, buildings, and so on.

These are the categories of attacks:

  • Normal – full damage against all unit sizes
  • Concussive and Plasma attacks deal the full amount of damage to small targets, 50% damage to medium targets, and 25% damage to big targets.
  • Explosive – full damage against large targets, 75% damage versus medium, and 50% damage versus small
  • Splash – inflicts damage within a limited radius on targets that are close to the detonation or explosion region; targets that are closer to the center of the blast take a greater amount of this damage. An attack can deal with concussive or explosive damage in addition to splash damage.

It is also important to note that regardless of the unit they are protecting, Protoss shields receive full damage from all sources of damage.

Because of this concept, the competitive dynamics between the different races are always shifting throughout the course of the game as new troops become accessible.

For instance, a unit like the Protoss Dragoon, which uses explosive attacks, can be easily destroyed by large swarms of Zerglings. This is possible for two reasons: first, the Dragoon deals only half of its normal damage to small units, while the Zerglings’ normal attacks deal their full damage to the Dragoon; second, the Dragoon is a large unit, which enables the small Zerglings to swarm around the unit and destroy

How to become a better StarCraft player?

How can one improve their StarCraft playing skills? To accomplish this, the gameplay is broken up into three sections:

Mechanics – Examples of mechanics include how successfully you control your game, move and attack with units (micro), and manage your construct (macro).

Knowledge – Learning how to play a game requires first and foremost an understanding of the game itself. The fundamentals of the game are straightforward, but becoming an expert will require a considerable amount of time.

Information – Even if you have excellent mechanics and a thorough understanding of the game, you will not be able to excel unless you learn how to receive and comprehend information in real-time.

These three aspects are mutually restrictive to one another. If you are unable to put what you know into action in a mechanical sense, then your knowledge is meaningless.

group of people playing games

When your information about the issue is lacking, and you have no idea what to do or what to anticipate, it is worthless to worry about the mechanics of the scenario. You can only benefit from information if you have the experience necessary to understand what it means and how to get it.


The most fundamental aspect of the StarCraft skill system is the mechanics. This involves making precise and effective use of your mouse and keyboard, allocating the appropriate amount of resources, and employing the usage of hotkeys rather than clicking. First and foremost, Mechanics should be enhanced, as these skills remain the same regardless of how the “Knowledge” (build orders and patterns of play) shifts.


The macro is the most crucial aspect of gameplay, and it’s the one you should concentrate on the most at the beginning. After sufficient practice, performing a macro should feel almost like second nature. Repetition is the key to achieving this goal.

Controlling Units (Micro)

It’s possible that having a strong micro will make all the difference in whether you win or lose a fight. In addition to being accurate, quick, and precise with their mouse movement, great players have certain techniques that set them apart from the rest.

Build Orders

The build orders are the fundamental elements that comprise the StarCraft strategic framework. You can certainly wing it, but if you haven’t worked out the kinks in your construction beforehand, don’t expect it to be particularly quick or effective.

The beginning of the game and the progression into the middle of the game can both be facilitated through the use of a build order. A player needs to rely on a more general approach when determining what to do because, after that point, it is often difficult to have a clear plan on when to develop something.

The majority of build orders have the same objective, which is to get an early advantage in the game so that you may continue to play from a position of strength. Certain build orders are intended to win the game outright, but they are extremely hazardous. This is because if you don’t win the game outright, you are typically too far behind in either Technology or Economy to recover.


You can’t just keep mashing the same few buttons over and over again to make your game go faster. APM does not equal speed.

  • Always have a plan for what you are going to do next. If you are unsure about what move to make next, you will find it impossible to play quickly.
  • Acquiring speed is a matter of practicing something over and over again, whether it be a build or a match-up.
  • You have to force yourself to play quickly until it becomes second nature; once you’ve accomplished that, you may push yourself even further.


Another important aspect of the gameplay in StarCraft is knowledge. Knowledge of both strategy and tactics is what determines whether a player wins or loses a game. Always have more of a leg up on the competition and is the player with the most experience. It is much more difficult to have to respond to something novel or unanticipated.

The majority of players begin their education by gaining an understanding of the fundamental units and capabilities that are unique to each race. After that comes the many plans and tactics that participants employ during the game. To begin, familiarize yourself with some of the most prevalent methods that are used in each matchup.

Timing windows

Timing windows, also known as timing attacks, are points in a build at which it is advantageous to attack the opponent since you are likely to have an advantage over them. For instance, at the precise moment when your Stimpack research is complete and you have a sufficient number of marines and marauders. If you are familiar with your build, you will have a better idea of whether to engage in combat and when to take a more defensive stance.

You can discover when you should be prepared for specific attacks if you research the builds of some of your other opponents.

Analyzing replays

Comparing watching replays to analyzing them is a different kind of activity. You need to evaluate whether the choices you made were appropriate or not and consider whether other options would have yielded more favorable results. You owe it to yourself to view at least one replay of each of the matches you’ve lost. This is to help you figure out why you came up short and what you can do to do better in the future.

Professional’s replays

You will be able to learn a lot more about StarCraft and make significant strides toward development if you watch replays or VODs of professional players.

If it is at all practicable, you should begin by observing simply from the perspective of the player. Be sure to take a breather at significant points in the game and think about what actions you would take if you were in this scenario.

Monitors placed next to each other for a live streaming.

After doing so, you will be able to evaluate the pros and cons of your choice and determine which one would have been more advantageous. After the event is over, you will be able to review the playback in its entirety to determine whether or not your actions were appropriate and why. You will learn how to make sound judgments despite having restricted access to certain facts if you proceed in this manner.


Knowledge is essential to make use of information; if you do not know what is necessary to interpret it, the information will be of no use to you. Getting more information about your opponent will allow you to launch a more effective assault on them. By withholding information from your rival, you open the door to the possibility of launching an unexpected attack or changing the make-up of your unit.

Initial Forms of Scouting

An early worker scout, which is typically dispatched to your opponent’s base between 9 and 15 supply, is the best way to obtain information as quickly as possible. Take, for instance:

  • If a Terran is being scouted and one notices an early refinery, barracks, and a technology lab, it is safe to presume that a Reaper or Marauder is on their way.
  • If you are unable to locate any Pylons in the Protoss opponent’s base, you should begin looking for a proxy Gateway or Forge instead.
  • A hypothetical aggressive expansion by the Zerg player is in play if there isn’t a Spawning Pool near the 12-14 supply point.

You will obtain a competitive advantage over your opponent if you gather experience and learn how to respond appropriately to challenging scenarios.

Mind Games

The use of mind games in StarCraft is a sophisticated strategy in which one deceives their opponent by revealing a move or a piece of technology to them while simultaneously choosing another option. It is hoped that this would cause your opponent to overreact, or at least, leave him with a unit composition that in less than ideal for you to take on by yourself.

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